The Neskuchny Garden Art Gallery

The gallery

Art gallery is a special space, destined to imbue the thirsty spirit of a person escaping the routine to reach the Being. Such thirst is inevitable; indeed, evolution of artistic taste and search for aesthetic sensations is not a burden, but rather a necessity for thinking and feeling sentient being.

The city lives in the moment and finds its rest in eternity. A busy trot of a slightly tired and drawn man is changed to a hasteless tread and proud posture of a townsman in such urban oases where music is intertwined in grey framework of reality, where colors of everyday life mix with paintings of the artists and acquire a new exalted meaning… It is the art gallery that creates this unique atmosphere of being involved in Art itself.


The Neskuchny Garden Art Gallery

The keen creative intuition of Irina Tumanova as singer, composer and poet has led her to necessity of founding an art gallery. Thus, in 1993 a marvelous venue appeared in Moscow – the Neskuchny Garden Art Gallery. This name, so typically Muscovite, has a reason behind it; the gallery keeps the private and intimate atmosphere of the Capital City – not of a bustling merchant center, but of a deeply sentient city of Moscow, unveiled through the masterpieces of great artists, who always endow their works not with creative idea alone, but with philosophical thought.

As of today the Neskuchny Garden Art Gallery maintains its deserved leadership in the top-ten rating of Moscow art galleries. One can always witness it on annual varnishing days at the Central House of Artists and the Moscow Manege. One can also enjoy the works from the gallery collection in a more intimate environment of small concerts, where the paintings create the atmosphere of creative flight.

According to Irina: “During this time the gallery the private collection took shape, evolved, acquired its own history and traditions. The masterpieces, which naturally surround my family, loved ones, and me, have magically affected my whole life. After my acquaintance with pictorial art I started writing poetry avidly. Thus far seven collections of poems have come off the press, each containing paintings from the gallery as illustrations. Later the melodies of my soul came to life. During the concerts, when I perform my songs, the paintings of Neskuchny Garden Art Gallery are demonstrated on stage as decorations. Thus our paintings live an intensive creative life. Thanks to books, poems and concerts, lots of people in various venues around the world have a chance to see them.”

The Neskuchny Garden Art Gallery takes part in charity events and brings forward that very genuine spice of life, which can be unveiled in all its complexity only by the true Creators.

The Neskuchny Garden Art Gallery does not proclaim any particular aesthetic style or fashionable trend – it simply invites the visitors to think of eternal values, feel the beauty, take pleasure and sometimes experience astonishment.

Some of the artists, shoes works are exhibited at the art gallery, had emigrated abroad long ago, some managed to return back and some are no longer with us. Here one can come across both worldwide renowned names and talents known only to true connoisseurs of art. The collection owned by Irina Tumanova includes marvelous “painting-worlds” of various genres and artists of the same cultural epoch — A. Sitnikov, S. Sherstyuk, N. Nesterova, T. Nazarenko, M. Birstein, V. Braynin, V. Barykin, I. Starzhenetskaya, O. Grechina, O. Zyryanova etc.

The Neskuchny Garden Art Gallery does not only house paintings, but also such lovely glimpses of time as toys, bricolage items, cute handcrafted pennywhistles, hollow-ware, exclusive ceramics and Gzhelian pottery. Such decorative art does not only serve as household decoration, but allows the beauty to accompany the person daily.

The exhibits of the Neskuchny Garden Art Gallery carry out their mission — to bring beauty into the world — at events of various levels: concerts, meetings, recitals: these masterpieces live their own lives and are always ready to amaze new spectators.

The Neskuchny Garden Art Gallery is constantly undergoing dynamic development, new full-scale refurbishment, exhibition and publishing projects are developed, works are conducted on stocking of art holdings, implementation of children’s programs. apart from this forums are arranged and new media technologies are developed.

Management and staff of the Neskuchny Garden Art Gallery express their sincere appreciation to all who support and assist implementation of projects urgent for the gallery and attract new partners for collaboration.

The Neskuchny Garden Art Gallery has considerable potential for such collaboration to be mutually beneficial, future-oriented and creative.